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Bleher's Discus 1 - Discus in world history and in that of the Amazon

Bleher's Discus 1 - Discus in world history and in that of the Amazon
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Price: 89,00Euro [TaxExc]
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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Discus in world history and in that of the Amazon

  • Before Discovery
  • The Second Discus
  • Discoveries in the twentieth century
  • Taxonomy of Discus
  • Distribution of the discus with detailed maps
  • Variety of discus in Nature
  • Natural Habitats of Discus, including the types of water, chemicals and Paramétrée different temperatures
  • Power of the discus in nature
  • Sympatric species and predators
  • Capture

Bleher's Discus - a monograph
An unsurpassed and comprehensive study of the genus Symphysodon

It's task of the reader to decide whether the original discovery of the discus should be attributed to the Emperor Napoleon or Prince von Metternich, but the rest of this work of over 1,300 pages, published in two volumes is far from ambivalent. In the first volume, containing around 5000 photos, paintings and drawings, as well as about 50 maps, first of all Heiko Bleher guides you through over 150 years of discovery, documented in detail. With his work brings to life all the Scientists who worked on gender, with a job and partly unpublished photographs, and after nearly half a century of debate regarding the taxonomy of the genus, provides a summary of new and easily understood. Later shows the distribution of gender and individual species or even in the smallest igarapès Lagos on 8 double-page maps, for the first time with precise details about the type of water studied in the field. In Chapter 4 Bleher covers all the wild forms known to date (some hitherto unpublished) and their variations in color, using words and photographs, the result of its more than 300 shipments of search and arrest.

The locality data have been extensively field tested over the years until 2005. In Chapter 5 he guides the reader through the history of the Amazon, starting from the time of its discovery, describing in detail the "prehistory" of the region and numerous indigenous tribes (mainly personal experiences among the aboriginals). It also describes and explains the natural habitat of Discus, reporting the parameters of the water for 75 different locations (measured both by day and night) and almost every major river in Amazonia is mentioned at length, with information on what form (or forms) is present or not in a specific location are also listed the places that remain unexplored to date. It describes in detail, in more than 80 pages including the diet of the discus in nature, the communities of which it forms part (with a list of sympatric species) and its enemies, and the different methods of capture used from the beginning until today.

Author: Heiko Bleher
Pages: 671 with color photos
Format: 21,8 x24, 3 Hardcover
Language: Italian


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