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Blau Aquaristic
Blau Aquaristic
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Blau Aquaristic Neon T5 Actinic 80W

Blau Aquaristic Neon T5 Actinic 80W
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Price: 14,49Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Blau Aquaristic Neon T5 Actinic 80W


T5HO Fluorescent: Fluorescent lamps latest fashion in the world of lighting, since these special fluorescent tubes have the special characteristic that maintain and enhance the growth of plants, invertebrates and corals.
· Their small diameter makes possible the installation of more lights
· The high performance allow you to get more lumens for the same wattage as a result consume much less of a traditional fluorescent tube T8 with the same wattage.
· They are available in five shades of color in four different lengths: 549 mm (24 watts), 849 mm (39 watts), 1149 mm (54 watts) and 1449 mm (80 watts)
· Marine Blue / actin: actin their color (blue / purple) is necessary for invertebrates and corals to stimulate the growth of their symbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) making them healthier and more colorful. Should always be used in combination with other tubes from different light spectrums

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Blau Aquaristic Neon T5 Actinic 80W 
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