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JBL BionitratEX - Solves algae problems

JBL BionitratEX - Solves algae problems
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Price: 17,89Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: JBL BionitratEX - Solves algae problems


  • Special filter substance for eliminating nitrate through microorganisms.
  • Novel bacteria nutrients promoting the settlement of denitrifying bacteria.
  • Simply place the net bag inside the existing filter.
  • No extra feed for the microorganisms no complicated controls required.
  • Perfect water flow, controlled by the material itself.
  • No chloride enrichment as In a conventional ion exchangers.

How does nitrate get into the aquarium?
The breakdown or mineralizing process of all organic matter in the aquarium(fish excrements, feed and plants residues) happens throught the stages protein>ammonium>nitrite>nitrate. Certain bacteria, which prefer to settle in the filter and on the aquarium floor, are responsible for this process. Nitrate in relatively high concentrations isn't harmful to fish. The bacterial conversion of the waste matter in the aquarium into nitrate is, as it were, the life insurance for the fish because toxic intermediate products cannot enrich in well tuned filters.
But since a high content of nitrate promotes the growth of unwanted algae, the aquarium water should not be allowed to exceed about 50 mg per litre. Regular partial changes of the aquarium water used to be the most common method for reducing the nitrate content. Ion exchanger resins and biological nitrate filters are also widely used.

What is JBL BioNireatEX?
JBL BioNitratEX is the simplest method for reliable biological denitrification: JBL BioNitratEX consist of small beads containing nutrients for bacteria and so encourages the settlement of denitrifying bacteria which are present in large numbers in any aquarium . The net bag around the material restricts the water flow velocity inside the bag. The outcome is the desired environment low in oxygen. The net bag must therefore never be exchangers and which can have a detrimental effect on plant growth, can be safety ruled out!

Use in freshwater:
Simply place the net bag as the last filter stage into the aquarium filter. If several bags are required, use a single bag first, followed by the next bag a week later, etc� In aquarium with normal fish stock(max.1 cm fish per l of water), one bag for 50 liters of water is normally sufficient; in aquarium with higher stock density ,one bag for 30 liters in adequate. One package is therefore sufficient for 120 to 200 liters of water. After an activation phase of about 2 to 3 weeks, the material has reached its ultimate bacterial colonization an begins to develop its full effect.
Some gas may occasionally collect inside the net bag. In this case allow the gas to escape by slightly squeezing the bag. Foul smell which might develop is perfectly harmless and does not endanger aquarium life. Do not rinse the bag.
In rare cases , water clouding may be occur during the activation phase. This can be removed by briefly filtering with JBL Carbomec active. Excessive nitrate levels (50mg/l and more) can be reduced by changing the water or by using an ion exchanger (JBL NitratEX 36000).

Use in saltwater:
JBl BioNitratEX is also suitable for use in saltwater. Use as described above for freshwater,but add on layer of activated carbon (JBL Carmomec ultra) to the BioNitratEX in the filter to avoid nutrients being washed out and clouding the water during the activation phase. Excessive nitrate levels (50 mg/l and more) can be reduced by suitable means (water change).

Duration of effect: Up to 12 month in aquariums with normal stock density (1 cm fish per l of water).
Control: Use JBL Nitrate Test Set NO3

Note: Removing nitrate from the aquarium water can never fully substitute the regular partial change of the water. It can only prolong the interval between water changes. When using JBL BioNitratEx we therefore recommend changing about 20 percent of the aquarium water every month. This is required to prevent the enrichment of inhibitors and other agents.

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