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AQL Background 3D Series Slim Model Basalt Gneiss A50x50

AQL Background 3D Series Slim Model Basalt Gneiss A50x50
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Product New Best Product 
Price: 32,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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3D background for aquariums

high quality wallpapers and very refined details and highly finished.

The materials used for the realization of these backgrounds are not common types of polyurethane as,
esistendone many different types (some of which are not suitable for aquariums) are selected those most suited to 'aquariological use.

The polyurethane mixture used for these wallpapers have been carefully tested for many years, making them among the best in the world for the quality of materials used, but above all to the inspirations and reproductions of some corners of the earth submerged that everyone of us would like to keep at home .

The backgrounds do not release chemicals into the water that can be harmful to fish, plants and other living organisms in any way be damaged by material composition.

The backgrounds have a life expectancy almost unlimited; the outer surface is very tough and the possibility that bites of fish or reptiles can scratch it is almost negligible. For the cleaning you can therefore also be used the most intense and drastic methods.

For these characteristics, the AQL backgrounds can be used in all kinds of aquariums, even marine.

For the realization of these wallpapers are made numerous trips in various parts of the world in order to pick up the characteristic and peculiar natural samples (eg a coral or a pebble or a lot on the shape and the 'unusual appearance); These samples are then used to create molds as faithful as possible to 'look and shape of natural objects.

The molds are then sent to the laboratory where they are created the first casts that are then added secondary detail and trimming to make them as similar as possible to 'natural look of' object; This procedure requires months of work, sometimes up to a year, as only the best backgrounds are placed on the market.

After creating a cast "perfect" latter 'is delivered to the production process assigned to highly sophisticated machineries handled by workers skilled professionals.

Available formats:


  • 100x50x23*
  • 120x50x23*
  • 130x50x23*
  • 130x60x23*
  • 150x50x23*
  • 160x60x23*
  • 200x60x23*
  • 200x70x23*
  • 250x70x23**
  • 300x80x23**

* 23cm at the deepest point

** delivered in two parts

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