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JBL Atvitol 50 ml (Vitamins)

JBL Atvitol 50 ml (Vitamins)
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Price: 2,30Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: JBL Atvitol 50 ml (Vitamins) 


JBL AGIVERT contains a well-balanced blend of vegetable ingredients attuned to the feeding requirements of tortoises and other plant-eating reptiles such as iguanas, spiketails, etc. Vital vitamins and minerals strengthen the animal’s resistance and ensure healthy growth. Depending on the animal’s preference, feed the sticks either directly, first soaked in water or mixed with fruit and vegetables. Young and growing tortoises should be given as much AGIVERT as they can eat within a few minutes. Adult animals are usually happy with 4 to 5 feeds per week.

Ingredients: vegetables, cereals, minerals Complete pet food - no artificial colouring; Contains E 306 antioxidant

Vitamin content per 1000 g

Vitamin A

25.000 i. E.
Vitamin D3

2.000 i. E.
Vitamin E

300 mg
Vitamin C (stab)

200 mg

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