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Askoll Green charm 250 ml

Askoll Green charm 250 ml
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Price: 9,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Askoll Green charm 250 ml



The new pormula Askoll that brings the nutrients essential for your plants without the presence of phosphates and nitrates.
Green charm comes from scientific research: a true "elixir of beauty and health for the plants in your aquarium.
Thanks to the special IEAF "Intracellular Enzymatic Action Formula" promotes, in a natural way, the biological balance and regulation of cellular enzymatic processes.

Restores the color green at the intracellular enzyme, restores brilliant color and live plants in your aquarium: the color of prosperity and health.

Natural nutrients such as bioalimento, allows a rapid and harmonious growth of plants providing all the information necessary for proper metabolism.

By making reinforcing the nutrients essential to plants, helps to strengthen at the structural level and to promote lush growth and more balanced.

  • Fertilizer with all essential elements.
  • To nourish and protect the effectiveness of your aquarium plants.
  • Plants beautiful and healthy now.
  • Aquarium vegetation plays a key role.
  • The plants while rendering attractive water garden, play it in important biological functions: they emit oxygen through photosynthesis clorofiliana, provide places for fish to hide and reproduce, they absorb nitrates from the water, contribute to maintaining the overall biological balance 'aquarium.
  • The intense colors and luxuriant growth of various plants are the mirror of a healthy environment and balanced.
  • Growing up in a rather poor in nutrients, the plants suffer, lose their healthy beauty.
  • For this we must help them to grow well.

Soon it! With enchanting green is easy.
Use it regularly and your plants will grow beautiful, healthy and strong.

When use Green Enchantment:

  • In the early stages of a new aquarium, because it helps create the right balance of nature.
  • To strengthen the roots and promote a luxuriant growth of plants.
  • In case of pale or yellowish leaves.
  • When the plants grow poorly.
  • In the presence of ragged leaves.


The average amount to be added is equal to a cap (5 ml.) Approximately 40 liters of water.
In the case of very thick and lush vegetation, the dose can 'be increased to a maximum of 2 corks.
An excessive dose of the product does not cause, however, damage to the health of the aquarium.

Important If you want to get the best results Verde Incanto should be used weekly.

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