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Askoll Cycle 30 ml

Askoll Cycle 30 ml
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Product: Askoll Cycle ml

Superfast Universal Cycle: For freshwater or marine aquariums.



Additive biological filters composed of micro-organisms "good" that eliminate pollution and purify the aquarium. Cycle is now easier to ensure the health and welfare aquarium. The strength of good bacteria potent scavengers of your aquarium making the water pure and healthy.
Unique product! The highest concentration of bacteria in trade scavengers living: 200,000,000 each 5 cc.
No need, Superfast Cycle in the refrigerator as the previous product, also remember that before using the product should shake very well.
Cylcle is the result of a scientific and accurate formula to ensure a natural and effective anti-pollution of the aquarium.
Pollutants, the first of all is undoubtedly the ammonia, an enemy that spreads and pollutes the aquarium. Ammonia is a waste product that comes from the natural functions of fish, plants, crustaceans and bacteria.
E 'highly toxic and polluting. Is even more and even in small concentrations, when it is transformed into the stadium after first: the nitrites.

Even the organic waste resulting from the excrement of the fish, can be highly toxic, because they produce ammonia and other harmful waste products.
Cycle: control of ammonia, nitrites and organic waste in an integrated six teams better scavengers, each with its mission and its target, the different elements that feed on pollutants from the life cycle of plants and fish transforming them into more non-toxic.

How does Cycle

  • Integrates with other good bacteria present in the aquarium and works in perfect synergy with them.
  • Ensure the presence of bacteria capitol important depending antiammoniaca and antinitriti.
  • Maintain ideal conditions in the aquarium environment, promoting the welfare of fish.

Cycle is ideal for:

  • Starting a new aquarium, because it introduces into the biological filter bacteria is suitable for making efficient in no time.
  • Reduce the natural way on the bottom layer, and you must never speak.
  • Restore the vital balance of the aquarium when adding new fish.
  • Facilitates the rapid growth of good bacteria when you clean or replace filters.

Feeding Recommendation:

  1. to start the new aquarium add the first and seventh day of Cycle 10 ml per 40 liters of water. Continue with 5 ml at week 40 liters of water each.
  2. to maintain optimal conditions in an aquarium "stabilization" to add each week 5 ml per 40 liters of water.
  3. after a partial water change and add 10 ml each total 40 liters of water the first and seventh day, then continue with 5 ml each week.
  4. after the release of new or new plants add an extra dose of 10 ml per 40 liters of water.

Note: 5 ml of the product corresponds to a cap of the jar.

Shake well before use
Taken from 890 liters up to 15,000 (supplied with tank)
Do not need to refrigerate.


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