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Askoll Ambrosia Acqua Protetta 500ml

Askoll Ambrosia Acqua Protetta 500ml
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Price: 12,27Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: Askoll Ambrosia Acqua Protetta 500ml



 Ambrosia Acqua Protetta:

     Improves the development of the biological filter
     Contains millions of live bacteria specially selected
     Reduces sludge and improves water quality
     It ensures clean and transparent water

Ambrosia Acqua Protetta use:

     When you start a new pond
     Once a week to improve water quality and
     living conditions.
     To increase the filtration after water changes, filter maintenance, use of treatments and medicines.
     When adding new fish to the pond.

Poor water quality is the major cause of stress for the fish and can be lethal in some cases. The fish give off ammonia through their gills and their kidneys. The uneaten food and plant debris also decomposes releasing ammonia which is toxic to fish. Ammonia can be converted to nitrite which is also toxic to fish if it is not. An accumulation of organic compounds also promotes the growth of organisms that cause disease outbreaks in the pond. All this can be avoided by installing a filter. In addition to physically remove the debris from the water, the filter is also home to nitrifying bacteria that remove harmful ammonia and nitrites. The removal of these substances by bacteria is known as "biological filtration" and is essential to have a pond healthy and balanced.

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