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Aquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus

Aquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus
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Available Options
Aquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus 250mlAquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus 250ml
Not available
Not Available
9,09Euro [TaxInc]
Aquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus 500mlAquili Nitrate & Phosphate Minus 500ml
Not available
Not Available
15,29Euro [TaxInc]

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Absorbent synthetic macroporous selective

Free rapidly aquarium pollution by nitrates, phosphates and silicates, removing nitrogenous organic waste and all the impurities soluble and insoluble
Alloy durably nitrate and phosphate even after the exhaustion of absorption capacity
Effectively fights algae growth.
Makes the water clear
Fish invertebrates and plants are healthier and protected
The aquarium requires less maintenance
Effective both in freshwater and seawater

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