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Aquili Minerals pH/KH+ 200ml

Aquili Minerals pH/KH+ 200ml
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Price: 6,69Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquili Minerals pH/KH+ 200ml





· Controlled increase of pH and KH
· Contribution complete all the elements
· Effective simple and precise
· For freshwater aquariums and marine

Minerals increases the carbonate hardness (KH ) bringing it to optimal values ​​. raising , in this way , also the pH value , determined by KH and the CO2 content .
Only varying the KH can be influenced , in a permanent way, the value of pH . ( with a value of CO2 stable )
Minerals enriched with minerals and salts with essential trace elements , water .
It can be used for both sweet and to the marine aquarium

Minerals is suitable for all freshwater aquariums , especially suitable for aquarium cichlids African, during which an increase of KH , and so the pH ( 10-15 ° dKH , pH 7.5-8.5 ) , it is important to create optimal conditions that mimic those found in nature.
In saltwater aquariums , it is useful to balance the precipitation of KH (KH less than 7 ° dKH ) and report the value up to 8-10 ° dKH (optimum)
Provides all the essential trace elements specific to the seawater

How it works Minerals
· Increases in controlled manner the KH , and consequently the pH , bringing it to the desired values ​​. The KH should not fall below 2-4 ° dKH in freshwater aquariums
· Increase the pH value in fresh water above 7.5
· Compensate for sudden drops of KH due to the process of nitrification in aquaria with large populations
· Libra precipitation of KH (KH less than 7 ° dKH ) and returns the value up to 8-10 ° dKH ( the optimum )
· A higher KH enhances the buffer effect of the water and prevents dangerous oscillations of pH
· Effective in the event of a sudden decrease of the pH value (KH of 0 ° dKH and pH less than 5 ) as quickly returns its KH up to a value of at least 2-4 ° d KH
· Gentle treatment that does not damage the fish or plants

5 g every 2-3 days . ( a lid full ) in 100 liters
give a carbonate hardness (KH ) of 0.6 ° dKH .
( total hardness 1.3 dGH )
We recommend that dissolve minerals in a vessel containing a little ' water aquarium
With an addition of very substantial Minerals , a small part of the salts added may not melt

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