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AquariumLine Box Skimmer BSF-001

AquariumLine Box Skimmer  BSF-001
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Price: 68,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product:  AquariumLine Box Skimmer  BSF-001


Protein skimming, also known as foam fractionation, is accomplished by using a protein skimmer. The purpose of a protein skimmer is to remove DOC's (Dissolved Organic Compounds) from aquarium water, thus improving the quality of the water. The skimmer works by injecting massive, very fine air bubbles into the tube by means of using either air stones or a high pressure water pump and air valve. The rising air bubbles act as a lift in the tube, allowing the chemical compounds of the DOC's to attach to the bubbles and hitch a ride to the surface, where they are captured in the collection cup and disposed of.


   Wavereef box protein skimmer is internal skimmer, designed for the VARIOUS marine aquarium or marine sump.








    Wavereef box protein skimmer can automate the following task in an aquarium: Help maintain the healthy water quality by removing the protein from water.



    This skimmer comes with Locking suction-cup holder to be easily attached to the glass wall. Install ASK-80B skimmer to the glass wall and move up or down the main body so that the water level inside the main column reach the bottom of the collection cup. Thus, it can help get the best skimming effect.














Column Height












Unit sizes






DC Pump Power






Flow rate






Tank Volume



Less than 200L






Locking suction-cup or Hang-on holder






Competitive Advantage:


Here is the major benefits brought by Wavereef  RO filter to the aquarium:



1. With Locking suction-cup holder, it is easy to install in the aquarium and adjust its position inside the tank.



2. It comes with a limewood airstone..


3. Efficient and quiet skimming..

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