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Aquariumline Import
Aquariumline Import
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AquariumLine Import Nano-Seemandelbaumrinde 10gr

AquariumLine Import Nano-Seemandelbaumrinde 10gr
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Price: 5,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: AquariumLine Import Nano-Seemandelbaumrinde 10gr


Tropical almond bark. Natural Cure of 'water and ideal hiding place for siluroidei, cichlids and invertebrates with the range of active ingredients of the almond tree.

The almond bark contains several natural active ingredients that have a positive effect on water and fish. The bottom fish (eg Ancistrus) and shrimp, choose the leaves as a food supplement.

They bring those natural substances typical of the waters of the original habitats
They promote the well-being, vitality and spawning
Strengthen and protect mucous membranes
They enhance the immune system of the body
• Prevent the formation of mold and fungus in eggs to fish
gently acidify and stabilize the pH value


l 'use of leaves or bark of almond can lead to an increase of the conductivity and to a yellow-amber of' water


1 pieces of bark taken directly from 100% natural 'tree and dried


1 gr every 70 liters of water. After a couple of weeks is possible that the pieces of bark are worn out, then replace them with new

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