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Aquarium Munster
Aquarium Munster
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Aquarium Munster - faunamor 100 ml x 3000 l - pharmaceuticall product against Ichthyophthirius (White Spot Disease) and the associated bacterial infections

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Price: 34,99Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: Aquarium Munster - faunamor 100 ml x 3000 l – pharmaceuticall product against Ichthyophthirius ("White Spot Disease") and the associated bacterial infections

Effective ingredients by type and quantity: 1 ml contains:
2.5 mg Methylthionine chloride
1.0 mg Malachite green oxalate
0.5 mg Methylrosaniline chloride
0.3 mg Acriflavine chloride
Excipients: Propylene glycole, purified water
Side effects: Not known. In the event that you should observe any side effects in your fish, then please inform us.
Contraindications: Invertebrates such as anemones, snails and mussels do not tolerate faunamor and must be removed prior to treatment.


For the treatment of omamental fish infested with Ichthyophthirius ("White Spot Disease") and the associated bacterial infections. Ichthyophthirius is one of the commonest scourges of ornamental fish.
The symptoms are white spots on the gills, fins and eventually over the entire body. The fish become listless and have drooping or folded fins. They rub themselves against plants or stones in an attempt to rid themselves of the parasites. As the gills become increasingly infested, the fish rapidly become sluggish and meagre.

Interaction with other agents:
Simultaneous use of water conditioners can reduce the effect of faunamor treatment.
faunamor must not be administered in combination with any other agent.

Dose, manner and duration of administration:

Shake thoroughly prior to use.
If not specified otherwise:
1st day: Distribute 20 drops (approx. 1 ml) of faunamor per 100 I of water in the aquarium. The dose can be doubled for severe infestations, provided that there are no sensitive ornamental fish (e.g. catfish) in the aquarium. Do not feed the fish.
Disconnect the filter from the aquarium and continue to operate the filter in a separate container so that the microorganisms inside the filter are maintained. Aerate the aquarium water. If aeration is not possible without filter operation, then operate the filter without the filter material so that the water is adequately circulated.
Store the filter material in a container holding 20 times the amount of cool aquarium water (related to the filter material).
2nd day: Distribute 20 drops (= approx.1 ml) of faunamor per 100 I of water. Do not feed the fish.
3rd day: Do not administer any faunamar. Feed normally. Resume filter operation. If the fiter material has been stored separately, then do not return this water to the aquarium. Give the filter material a quick rinse with lukewarm water (do not rinse intensely to ensure that some of the microorganisms are retained).
7th day: Proceed in the same manner as on the first day.
8th day: Do not administer any faunamor. Feed normally. Exchange approx. 30 % of the aquarium water. Resume filter operation. The use of aquavital conditioner and aquavital Stress-Protect is recommended.
As a prophylactic following stress situations, use half the specified dose.

Directions in the event of overdosing or interrupted and discontinued treatment.
In the event of overdosing change half of the aquarium water and filter with the help of active carbon.
The simultaneous addition of aquavital conditioner binds part of the overdosed active ingredients.
In the event that administration was forgotten, then continue treatment with the prescribed dose as soon as possible.

Special directions:

  • Due to the surface tension of faunamor, problems maybe encountered when droplets of solution are to be added. To produce droplets hold the bottle in an inclined position and then slightly tap the base of the bottle. The speed with which the droplets are formed can be influenced by varying the inclination of the bottle.
  • Aquatic plants with fine filament like leaves, e.g. Cabomba aquatica, can be damaged by the treatment.
  • Any UV radiation that may be in use must be tumed off for the duration of treatment.
  • The intensive coloration of the water is caused by the active ingredients and disappears after a few days.
  • Do not use after the expiry date.
  • Always keep out of reach of children.
  • Protect faunamor from light and heat. Store in the original pack.
  • For animals use only.


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