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Aquarium Munster
Aquarium Munster
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Aquarium Munster Aquavital Nitrigon 1 - 5x2gr

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Price: 6,88Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquarium Munster Aquavital Nitrigon 1 - 5x2gr

Contraindications and side effects: None known
Package sizes: 5 x 2 g =10 g for aquariums up to 500 litres


To ensure that the fish and plants in an aquarium will thrive, the system must fulfil the functions of a natural ecosystem. Aquarium filter systems have long been in use to ensure crystal-clear water and break down excrement, dead plant detritus and fish food residues containing proteins.
These filters contain microorganisms that help with all this cleanup work. These organisms feed on mulm and fish excrements and also convert toxic metabolites such as urea, ammonium, ammonia and nitrite in nutrients the plants need for healthy growth.

Degradation of organic nitrogen compounds from excrements, dead plant and food detritus, etc. takes place in several stages:



  • Ammonia and ammonium are produced in organic wastes. Ammonium is absorbed-by water plants as nitrogen fertilizer. Ammonia, on the other hand, is higly toxic. Conversion of ammonia or ammonium is pH-dependent: at low pH levels ammonium is produced, high pH levels result in ammonia. 
  • Ammonium and ammonia turn into nitrite, a fish toxin.

Nitrite is transformed into nitrate. Nitrate is only toxic in very high concentrations and is absorbed by water plants as a nutrient.
Each degradation stage is realized by bacteria living in the filter within a web of highly complex interactions with other tiny organisms, all of them decisive in maintaining good water quality and a stable biological balance.
aquavital nitrigon 1 facilitates a rapid filter startupmthe filter quickly becomes a fully functional biofilter.

Areas of application:

Use aquavital nitrigon 1 to activate the bacteria culture in your filter.
Supports the biological startup in aquarium filters. Shortens waiting time until the first fish can be put into the aquarium


Application and dosage:


  • For starting up a new aquarium
  • After cleaning or replacing all or part of the filter material
  • After the filter biology has been damaged by antibiotic treatment
  • If nitrite is produced in the aquarium
  • For biofilter maintenance and long-term care, we recommend regular doses of aquavital nitrigon 2.


The contents of one packet of aquavital nitrigon 1 is sufficient for aquariums up to 100 litres.

Put the contents of the packet into the filter material of your filter.
To ensure aquavital nitrigon 1 is not flushed out of the filter right away, place the product in the filter material near the filter inlet, then turn on the filter.
On the first day, the aquarium water may show some clouding.
This is harmless and has no influence on the effectiveness of the product. If this occurs, we recommend replacing 30% of the aquarium water.
This clouding usually disappears after one day.

To ensure a constantly optimized nutritive basis for the bacteria, put aquavital nitrigon 2 in the aquarium water at regular intervals.
Contaminants can damage the bacteria culture. When you add freshwater or pharmaceuticals, we recommend using aquavital conditioner as well to bind chemical contaminants.
Store out of reach of children.



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