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Aquaristik - Preis Sea Salt 25kg

Aquaristik - Preis Sea Salt  25kg
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Price: 78,70Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Product: Aquaristik - Preis Sea Salt  25kg



PREIS-Meersalz, sea salt Preis, is the result of years of research in the field of sea water. Corresponds almost perfectly to the natural seawater, but the mixture has been developed specifically for the water of aquariums. 

Mixture of pure chemical substances, Preis-Meersalz has a high percentage of calcium assimilated by the animals at sea, with a visible growth and development of invertebrates and coral reef fish. Thanks to its more than 70 trace elements and water-soluble vitamins and minerals, water treated with PREIS-Meersalz differs from seawater natural just because it is more suited to aquarium conditions. 

Compared to marine natural aquariums are populated by a relatively large number of different species living in a body of water comparatively minor. However, marine animals consume the same amount of trace elements and minerals as if they were at sea, whose water is regenerated continuously. This speeds the depletion of essential substances and an excessive increase of unnecessary parameters of seawater aquarium. By-PREIS Meersalz can counteract this imbalance by increasing addition of trace elements and minerals.



  • The ratio of combination PREIS-Meersalz at a salinity of 1023, is 310 g per 10 l.
  • For other salts, always close attention to the weight for the addition of sea salt.
  • A very high value, from 340-390 g per 10 l, always depends on a combination of minor minerals in the relationship with the main component, sodium chloride.
  • Dissolve the salt in water Preis osmotic or tap water clean and aerate heavily.
  • Preis sea salt dissolves quickly and without residue.
  • We encourage the exchange of approximately 10-15% of the water contained in the tank every 4 weeks.


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