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Aquamax Bactego Nano 100ml

Aquamax Bactego Nano 100ml
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Price: 10,94Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aquamax Bactego Nano 100ml


The bacteria are essential biological balance of an aquarium. Their function is to continuously remove fish excrement and remains of plants and food. Each species of bacteria is specialized in certain substances :


Only bacteria ensure a fast and safe decomposition of residues typical of aquariums. A new aquarium or clean the filter material are virtually sterile. Without active help , it may take several weeks before it develops a bacterial fauna stable , resulting in the formation and proliferation of harmful substances that threaten the life of the aquarium , such as ammonia and nitrite .

Aquamax BACTEGO is a concentrated high-performance mixed culture consisting of filter bacteria selected . They act not just put in the aquarium where they begin operations decomposition of harmful substances.

The nitrifying bacteria remove harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite . The bacteria for the decomposition of slime reduce the mud on the seabed and in the filter with the aid of hydrolytic enzymes . Other species of bacteria bred specifically for aquariums feed on the remains of plants and food, fish excrement and organic turbidity . BACTEGO profoundly enhances the self-cleaning ability of all freshwater aquariums . The optimization of the water reduces stress and fish live healthier and better . The water keeps longer its transparency .


filter bacteria


Decomposes the fish excrement and remains of food and plants, even in inaccessible
Activate the biological capacity of aquarium clean itself
Eliminates harmful substances such as ammonia and nitrite
Activate filters aquarium improving the performance
With decomposers of slime bioactive

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