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Aquael PhosMAX Basic 1L

Aquael PhosMAX Basic 1L
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Price: 8,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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For the absorption of phosphate dissolved in water, it is one of the main causes of undesirable algae growth in the aquarium.

PhosMax Basic is a unique filter insert, designed for water filtering in freshwater aquariums and in terrariums. It is presented as granular, with extremely high absorbing properties. They need to absorb phosphates chemically, which are one of the main causes of algae growth.

The special chemical bonds used in PhosMax Basic have excellent absorption capacity. They extract phosphate ions from the water dissolved in it, and with particular effectiveness prevent the development of algae.

PhosMax base And an excellent filter medium and Cestello filters, In external filters, separates internal filters with granular filter compartments (for example TURBOFILTER), ndr also in the cup and NEGLI compartments of Trabocco. It is especially recommended in aquariums with large quantities of feed fish with fodder (eg big cichlids, siluri) and without plants that act as natural absorbents of phosphates. The use of PhosMax Basic reduces the frequency of water changes and the amount of water to be replaced and effectively prevents algae development in the aquarium.

PhosMax Basic is supplied ready-to-use, does not have to be repurchased, no preparation operation is required. The contents of the pack should be placed in the filter basket or in the filter compartment. To ensure the best results, it is advisable to place the PhosMax Basic filtering medium between mechanical and biological filtration.

The mechanism of action of the PhosMax filter medium determines the gradual saturation until it becomes exhausted.

It is advisable to replace it at least once a month to maintain optimal filtering properties.

Dosage and duration:

one liter container guarantees filtering of an aquarium of about 200 for about 30 days.

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