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Aquael Multikani 800 Professional

Aquael Multikani 800 Professional
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Price: 55,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Aquael Multikani 800 Professional


MULTIKANI is the first on the market extensible canister filter. Beginning aquaristics enthusiast usually buys relatively small aquarium and – after being bitten by the aquarium „bug” – realizes that the tank’s size is too small for his/her needs and ambitions. Then a new bigger aquarium is bought, and later – with rising enthusiasm and possibilities – even bigger and bigger… With purchase of each one more impressive tank its owner – unfortunately – is faced with the necessity of completing new equipment including – above all – filter. Since those devices are dedicated for specific aquarium size and – until now – it was not possible to adapt them to the needs of bigger aquarium. But now it is finally possible! AQUAEL MULTIKANI filter has just appeared on the market – the first filter in the world “bespoke’ to the needs of each aquarist and every tank. Thanks to its unique construction it can grow together with the aquarium evolution Impossible? Yet true! MULTIKANI filter has a form of cylindrical container that is equipped with a cover with cut-off valves. The container is filled with filtration media (sponge and ceramic cartridge are included in the set) that purify the water efficiently. However, that is not all! AQUAEL’s offer contains a wide range of additional containers filled with various mechanical, biological or chemical cartridges. They can be combined in series (creating columns) and in parallel (creating sets of columns) successively increasing the capacity of filtration media in the filter. As many as 8 containers can be integrated at maximum! As a result – depending on the quantity – the device can operate efficiently in both 20 litre aquarium (it is equipped with stepless output regulation) as well as in 300 litre tank! The device is powered with independent pump of 650 l/h efficiency that can be installed both inside and outside aquarium. This solution allows for locating the filtration containers not only below the aquarium but also next to it or even above the water level. Cleaning the filter is exceptionally simple, as the cut-off valve with by-pass function allows for stopping the water flow to the filtration containers without the need to turn off the pump. Changing containers is very easy thanks to special opening devices attached to the filter. MULTIKANI filter is an excellent choice for all aquarists that consider the possibility of changing the tank to a bigger one in the future. Thanks to the possibility of unrestricted development of the device, they can not only save money, but also provide the continuity of biological filtration in a new aquarium, therefore significantly accelerating the process of its maturing and providing crystal clarity of the water filling it.

  • possibility of expansion (up to 8 modules)
  • universal (for aquaria from 20 to 300 l)
  • complete filtration
  • independent external pump
  • by-pass function
  • easy to install and use
  • wide range of additional accessories

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