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Aqua Tropica
Aqua Tropica
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Aqua Tropica AT Nano Stabil GH+ 125ml

Aqua Tropica AT Nano Stabil GH+ 125ml
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Product: Aqua Tropica AT Nano Stabil GH+ 125ml


For a simple increase in the total hardness with essential minerals + trace elements
The total hardness (° GCH ) denotes the concentration of dissolved ions in the water . These include the mineral Lien calcium, beryllium, magnesium, strontium, barium and radium. Especially with the use of reverse osmosis water , the water must be cured. The GH value influences the organic functions of all living organisms in the water. Too low GH value plants can not grow properly or die. Calcium fish and shrimp need for building up the skeleton , and the cell walls. Aqua- Tropica nano- Stable GHPlus stabilizes the water hardness and are these important minerals and trace elements again. With a practical pump dispenser for easy and accurate dosage. Dosage: On 10 liter aquarium or osmosis water dispenser increase 2 servings the GH value by 1 ° GCH , 4 servings of the donor GH value by 2 ° GCH . Depending on the desired total hardness , the dosage must be increased accordingly. For precise adjustment of the GH value , it is recommended to check this by a GH- droplet test always . Indicate a well-floated place in the aquarium. Content: 125ml 3000Liter increase by 1 ° GCH

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