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Aqua Medic
Aqua Medic
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Aqua Medic Aquaspoon

Aqua Medic Aquaspoon
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Price: 18,30Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Aqua Medic Aquaspoon





The spoon scale offers the following features:
- removable scoop with volume markings: tea spoon / table spoon
- option to weigh added ingredients or total weight
- hold function to freeze the readings in the display
- optional display of grams (g) or ounces (oz)
- LCD digital displa
- flat battery display
- auto-off after approx. 2 minutes
- minimum energy consumption
Operating the spoon scale
Before using for the first time, put the batteries into the battery compartment and remove the
protective film from the display.

Changing the scoop

Two differently sized scoops are enclosed, each with a measuring scale to allow you to measure
quantities such as tea spoons or table spoons:
large scoop = scale from 1 tbs. to 3 tbs.
small scoop = scale from 1 tsp. to 1 ½ tbs.
To change the scoops, simply pull the scoop forwards off the handle and push the other in. The
scoop must click audibly into place.


● For precise measurement, the scale must be in a horizontal position. If this is not the case,
UNST is shown in the display. Measurement is not possible.
● Keep the scale away from magnetic fields, radio waves and mobile phones as they can
influence the measurement.
● Always switch the scale on when it is empty. If there are small quantities (less than 50 g /
1.763 oz) on the scale when it is switched on, it will none the less switch to zero. If the
quantities are larger, the scale displays out2 before switching off.
● If the weight exceeds 310 g / 10.935 oz, the display shows 0-Ld. The spoon scale cannot
weigh this quantity.

1. Select the suitable scoop.
2. Hold the scale horizontally or place it on a horizontal surface. Press the Tare button to switch
the scale on.
3. All of the displays appear briefly in the display. The scale then calibrates itself and after a few
seconds 0.0 g or 0.000 oz appears in the display. The scale is ready now. (If the scale shows a
value other than zero, press the Tare button again to set the display to zero).
4. Put the ingredient you wish to weigh into the scoop. Hold the scale horizontally. If you have
placed it on a surface, hold it steady with your hand to prevent it toppling over. The weight
appears in the display.
5. Press and hold the Mode button, if necessary, to swap between grams (g) and ounces (oz).

Weighing added substances (Tare)

If you wish to weigh individually added substances:
1. Place the first substance on the scale and adjust the amount until the display shows the
required weight (10 g).
Press the Tare button to reset the display to zero. TARE appears in the display.
2. Place the second substande on the scale and adjust the amount until the display again shows
the required weight (10 g).
Note: If you press Tare and then take the first weighed substance off the spoon, the display will
show a negative value. Press Tare again to reset the scale to zero.
Freezing the measurement results in the display

To freeze the measurement results in the display:

Press Hold. The measurement results remain frozen in the display even if you remove the weighed
substance. HOLD appears in the display. Press Hold again to display the normal measurement
results. Alternatively, the display will change automatically after approx. 10 seconds.
Switching off

To switch the scale off, press and hold the Tare button for a few seconds until the display switches
off. If you do not use the scale, it will switch off automatically after approx. 2 minutes.

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