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Anubias pH OK 300ml

Anubias pH OK 300ml
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Price: 13,40Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Anubias pH OK 300ml



pH OK: bicarbonatico buffer to increase the carbonate hardness (dKH). With soft tap water (<3 º dKH and <8 º dGH), or if you are using RO water (reverse osmosis) or deionized water because tap water is polluted, it is recommended the use of pH OK and / or GH booster.

The KH expressed in ° dKH the content of bicarbonate (HCO 3) present in the water. The value KH influence the pH value (by interacting with the CO2 in the water).
If the value of KH is less than 3 ° dKH, can occur a sudden and abrupt collapse of the pH to the detriment of the health of fish and plants.
The value of KH optimal for an aquarium is between 3-10 ° dKH. One acceptable development of the plants may still be obtained with values ​​close to 15 ° dKH, for some species also 20 ° dKH.

Instructions for use:

1 ml of pH OK every 5 liters of water increases the KH by 1 ° dKH. The increase in maximum daily intake should be 5 ° dKH, as some species of fish may be vulnerable to changes of greater magnitude.

Recommended by Oliver Knott

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