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Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond

Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond
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Available Options
Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond 10LAmtra Biopond Algen Control Pond 10L
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
31,29Euro [TaxInc]
Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond 4LAmtra Biopond Algen Control Pond 4L
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
15,90Euro [TaxInc]

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Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond reduces the causes of algal bloom in the lakes.


Reduces the causes of algal blooms in the pond by removing excess nutrients.

Create healthy water and clear water, that is the best way to prevent algae. League organic pollutants highly active, especially phosphates, which serve as a food source for algae and reduces their proliferation in a natural way.

Ready for placement in the bag for loading in the pond filter or the littoral zone of the lake as long as placed in a flow of 'water evenly.

4 liters (2 bags 2L) treat up to 6000 liters of water.

10 liters (2 bags 5L) treat up to 15,000 liters of water.

Replace after approximately 6-8 weeks

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Amtra Biopond Algen Control Pond 
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