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Amtra Biopond Koi Adult

Amtra Biopond Koi Adult
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Available Options
Amtra Biopond Koi Adult 1000ml/480grAmtra Biopond Koi Adult 1000ml / 480gr
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
7,50Euro [TaxInc]
Amtra Biopond Koi Adult 5,5L/2,5kgAmtra Biopond Koi Adult 5,5L / 2,5kg
Not available
Not Available
21,20Euro [TaxInc]

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Amtra Biopond Adult Koi food is a fine ideal for all sorts of adult koi carp. Particularly suitable to be administered every day, and astaxanthin enriched with L-carnitine

Made up of high quality raw materials is enriched with L-carnitine for healthy growth, with astaxanthin for a bright coloration and the presence of B-glucan helps to strengthen the immune system.

The special formulation allows for a harmonious growth of koi at a young age and optimal development of their coloring.

Dosed several times a day consuming small amounts such as to be in a short time.

fishery products, cereal flour, yeast, gluten meal, soybean meal, wheat starch naturalealghe (Ascophyllum Nodosum), spirulina, shrimp, gammarus, daphnia, krill, vegetable oils, herbs.

Food granules from 3-5mm.
Analytical constituents:

     protein 40%
     6% crude fat
     crude fiber 2%
     crude ash 8%
     11% starch

Additives (per kg):

10000 IE vitamin A, vitamin E 130mg, 1300 vitD3 IE, vit.B1 20mg, 40mg vit.B2, vit.C 100mg L-Carnitine 140mg, 50mg astaxanthin, lecithin 6gr.

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Amtra Biopond Koi Adult 
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