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GNC AM650 Serie Deep

GNC AM650 Serie Deep
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Product By Reservation 
Price: 2.250,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: By request

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The AM series are ceiling lamps with unique features built entirely with Italian quality materials.

Show a sophisticated design and refined prejudice an extremely modern.

Illuminate with extreme penetration and uniformity of light comparable to a mix between metal halide

and t5 with a massive energy savings and exceptional coverage remaining almost invisible above your tub.


Are realized by numerical control machines on unique pieces of acrylic to avoid defects of molding and structural fragility.

The dissipation is entrusted to silver anodized aluminum fins of the last generation that avoid noisy and fragile electric fans, being very pleasing to the eye.


The electronics of these products is the strong point of the set AM New can illuminate the seabed through the use of a large number of LEDs selected to arrive at a color temperature of more than 15,000 ° K and are equipped with an automatic dimmer that generates' sunrise and sunset for a perfect simulation of the reef habitat. Electronics highest level since the power is entrusted to a controller dedicated to safeguarding and efficiency of the many LEDs that are a component of very innovative but at the same time very fragile if poorly fed.

The lamps are equipped with ceiling fixing with stainless steel cables adjustable in height and easily installed thanks to the brackets and a precise jig, the whole immune to corrosion problems.

The electrical connection between the controller and the lamp is entrusted to a highly flexible cable with waterproof connector termination on directional in three different positions to suit your needs.

  The ceiling series AM New technology products are unique and transparent in a robust and completely immune to dust and splash to increase the reliability of the LED circuit and its components that would not survive the hostile environment in which they work.


  Dimensions L 650 x W 366 x H 45 mm
     Weight 10 Kg
     Surface bathtub recommended 1200x700 mm
     Passive cooling with silver anodized aluminum
     Screws in stainless steel AISI316
     Acrylic lens 15 mm laser cutting
     Electronic card SMI solder white
     588 white LEDs selected color 14000K
     42 led royal blue (actinic) 446 nM
     External Power Supply IP65 with filter Active PFC
     Primary 90-264 VAC 50-60 Hz
     Secondary 24 Volt DC constant current
     Consumption 180 W
     Power cord length 2m
     Sunrise-sunset-level module with white dimmable
     Ceiling mounting adjustable steel cables with max length 200 cm
     Structure splash resistant and moisture

NOTE: available to order, with advance payment equal to 30% of the value

            delivery time 6-7 working days subject to availability of supplier


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