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The Aternative Reef
The Aternative Reef
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The Alternative Reef Frag Plugs Large - 2 pieces

The Alternative Reef Frag Plugs Large - 2 pieces
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Price: 1,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: The Alternative Reef Frag Plugs Large- 2 pieces


This product is a verzitile and decorative fragstation which also will serve as a hide out for your fish.


The surface has been worked so it has a rough rock like texture, the 6 plugs has been spread over the whole structure leaving to possibilitys


Use the frags station rock 6 as a frag station or you can also grow a large colony on it. It is up to you.



The heavy structure of the rock makes it possible, to place it out on the open sand bed in heavier current as well.

Our commercial plugs have the same qualities as our plugs and disks with a few added features. This plug is heavier. It has a thicker mounting surface with a hole added to it for mounting branching sps corals. The stem is longer as well. This plug is designed for the commercial vendor or large scale commercial coral farmer. The added weight of the plug helps to keep the coral stable in high flow conditions. This plug is only available for store or farm use by licensed commercial farms or stores. Quantity discounts apply. This is a special order item.

Rough size guide for plug

Disk diameter                     +/- 2,6 cm

Stem length                        +/- 2 cm

Stem thickness                    +/- 10mm 

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