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Acquario Segreto by Maurizio Gazzaniga

Acquario Segreto by Maurizio Gazzaniga
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Price: 27,20Euro [TaxExc]
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Product: Acquario Segreto by Maurizio Gazzaniga


Each aquarium, be it freshwater temperate or tropical, hidden inside a whole universe of life, difficult if not impossible to imagine and characterized by infinite facets. Among his glasses, in fact, lies an unknown number of species belonging to at least five of the six kingdoms into which today it is customary to divide the living world. Here then we could be easily discuss water fleas, snakes of tin, glass animals to watch the wonders of teddy bears and many other "creatures" still more or less bizarre by nicknames, and perhaps capable of so as to rekindle the imaginative curiosity of everyone. Yet, despite this, of this diverse and varied presence, you have only a vague hint. Unfortunately they are really still quite a few people who are approaching all'acquariofilia aware, even just a little ', to the incredible complexity is hidden inside any tank, how life "macroscopic" really rests its foundation on a multitude of microscopic life. The book was first launched with the intention of trying to bridge this gap, to guide you in what could undoubtedly be described as "an amazing journey into the invisible world hidden in a freshwater aquarium."  A journey of discovery, then, to reach where the limits of our eye could never lead us to perform and which use is made of that "magic" tool that is a compound microscope. A journey that anyone who, animated by a strong spirit of curiosity and a minimum of enterprise, can accomplish without much difficulty.


Author: Maurizio Gazzaniga

Pages: 298

Format: Soft cover 16 x 23

Language: italian

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Acquario Segreto by Maurizio Gazzaniga 
is in the Categories:

Home » Literature » Freshwater Aquarium