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Acquario Marino di Danilo Ronchi

Acquario Marino di Danilo Ronchi
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Price: 23,00Euro [TaxExc]
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Acquario Marino di Danilo Ronchi


The marine aquarium is a fascinating world but often wrongly considered too complicated. This book provides an overview of the total of all the technical knowledge needed to deal with the construction and operation of a coral reef aquarium, deepening every technology required to run the aquarium. Complete with beautiful photographs will be able to lead you by the hand during your journey of learning and will prove to be an excellent guide to deepen any topic at any time pertaining to the marine aquarium. Analyze the needs of each macro-typology of coral, offering concrete examples aimed at preparations based on small polyp stony corals (SPS), a long polyp stony corals (LPS), a soft coral or fish only aquariums. Thanks to this book, marine aquarium will no longer have any secrets for you.

Publisher: Castel Negrino
Author: Danilo Ronchi
Pages: 160 with color photos
Size: 16x23 paperback
Language: Italian


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