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DA 105-112 Metal Jet Pipe V-2 Inflow - diameter 13

DA 105-112 Metal Jet Pipe V-2 Inflow - diameter 13
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Price: 61,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: ADA 105-112 Metal Jet Pipe V-2 Inflow - diameter 13


Please read carefully. Before the installation of this product, make sure to read instruction manual carefully and understand all of its directions. Please keep the instruction manual it and refer back to it when needed.
Safety Instructions:

For aquarium use only: improper or negligent use of this product may result in serious bodily harm and damage of property. Be sure to use this product only according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • If the product is damaged, do not touch directly. This may be cause injury.
  • Due to unpredictable nature of aquariums and their inhabitants, ADA shall not be responsible for any disease, death, loss fish, and/or withering/death of aquatic plants.
  • Keep out of reach the children


Usage of Metal Jet Pipe Series:


  •  Metal Jet Pipe Series is designed for the use with the connection with Outside cannister filter. Please make sure to choose the right size hose. Outer the diameter of Metal Jet Pipe Series is 13 mmØ.
  • There are Outflow and Inflow types existing for Metal Jet Pipe Series (Metal Power Pipe is designed for Outflow only).
  • Connect each pipe firmly with inflow hose of outside canister filter after attaching suction cup. Insert more than 2 cm of the pipe into the hose.
  • Fix Metal Jet Pipe to the other side of the aquarium with suction cup.
  • Then follow the instruction manual of the cannister filter, and start the filtration.

Usage of Metal Jet Pipe Line:

  •  Connect each parts by following the connection example. Use Clear Hose for the connection of pipes and Black Tube for the connection of the pipe and Super Jet Filter. Straight Pipe L is designed for use by hanging from Garden Stand with Stainless Hook.
  • There exists inflow and outflow pipe in Metal Jet Pipe. The one with shorter strainer part is inflow pipe.
  • When setting the Penac kat, be sure to attach to Straight Pipe L fixed with Stainless Hook.


  •  Metal Jet Pipe is designed for use with ADA Garden Glass (Pool type). It is not possible to use with Support type aquarium.
  • Be sure to use new hose for the connection with pipes. Old hose has less elasticity and get easly disconnected.
  • Strainer part of Metal Jet Pipe is detachable. For cleaning purpose, use Glass Washer (optional). When removing the strainer part from the pipe, don’t put much pressure on strainer part.
  • For cleaning inside the pipe, use Glass Washer (optional).
  • In case withered leave or any dirt is stacked on the strainer part of Metal Jet Pipe (Inflow type), remove them immediately. These stacked dirt may become the cause of the filter trouble or accidents.


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